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Heather Wilkins, PhD

In 2008, Dr. Wilkins earned a Microbiology degree at Kansas State University.  Following completion of her undergraduate degree she joined a research laboratory at the University of Denver for PhD training. The focus of her dissertation was mitochondrial oxidative stress in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.  Dr. Wilkins received a distinguished thesis award, and earned her PhD in 2013. Upon receipt of her PhD, Dr. Wilkins joined the KU Alzheimer's Disease Center as a postdoctoral fellow in August 2013. Dr. Russell Swerdlow is her mentor.

Dr. Wilkins' research interests are centered on understanding how brain energy influences Alzheimer's disease pathology. She is a member of the Alzheimer's Association International Society to Advance Alzheimer's Research and Treatment group, the Alliance of Women Alzheimer's Researcher group, and serves as a part of the leadership of KU Medical Center postdoctoral groups. In her spare time Dr. Wilkins enjoys spending time with her husband, Jared, and her dog, Max.

Last modified: Aug 28, 2018