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Attacking Alzheimer's Disease Through Research and Education

The University of Kansas Alzheimer's Disease Center (KU ADC) is a National Institute of Aging (NIH)-designated and funded Alzheimer's Disease Center. Researchers at centers with this elite designation are working to translate research advances into improved diagnoses, care, and educational resources for Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients while working on a way to cure and possibly prevent Alzheimer's disease.

Each center has its own unique area of emphasis. The KU ADC emphasizes the research areas of mitochondrial genomics, metabolism (energy production) and neuroimaging. The KU ADC has successfully developed and recruited leading researchers from around the country who are applying state-of-the-art brain imaging techniques and advancing research in cell metabolism in older adults. Collaborative studies draw upon the expertise of scientists from many different disciplines.

The KU ADC is also proud to offer our Lifestyle Empowerment for Alzheimer's Prevention (LEAP!) program. This innovative program translates the latest Alzheimer's disease prevention research into actionable recommendations for everyday life. Through LEAP!, we provide education and resources to the Kansas City area and rural Kansas. Click here to learn more.

The people of Johnson County, KS support space for the KU ADC through the Johnson County Education Research Triangle initiative.

The mission of the KU Alzheimer's Disease Center is to improve the lives of patients and families with Alzheimer's disease by eliminating the disease through research into its treatment and prevention.

Last modified: Aug 29, 2019
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